Enquire Now: Flatbed Trailers

Congratulations! You are busy inquiring about our sturdy flatbed trailers. 

Kindly complete the form below regarding your inquiry and please note that all our flatbed trailers come standard with a spare wheel. 

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  Body Size:
  2.4m L x 1.6m W: Come with 13” wheels, 750kg GVM, unbraked, single axle
  3m L x 1.6 W: Come with 14” wheels, 1600kg GVM, unbraked, single axle
  4m L x 2m W: Come with 14” wheels, 2700kg GVM, brakes, double axle
  6m L x 2m W: Come with 14” wheels, 3500kg GVM, brakes, double axle
  Custom Size
  Available Colours:
  Cruiser beige
  Johndeer green
  Johndeer yellow
  Kindly let us know if you have any further comments, questions or suggestions:

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