Sturdy flatbed trailers

Situated in Pretoria, we produce and manufacture flatbed trailers from the best quality A-grade steel. We provide a one-year workmanship guarantee and will help your trailer get registered by handling the paperwork.

Prolifestyle’s trailers are reliable, durable, and crafted with excellent quality


Our flatbed trailers are extremely strong and durable. If you require a powerful tool when transporting generators or heavy loads that require a forklift, our product can handle it.

Best for:

  • Transporting Generators
  • Heavy machinery
  • Transportation of pipes, lumber, and other heavy materials
  • Commercial loads

Our fridge and cold room trailers come with:

  • A spare wheel

Available colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Cruiser beige
  • Johndeer green
  • Johndeer yellow
  • Red

Standard Body Size examples:

  • 2.4m L x 1.6m W: Come with 13” wheels, 750kg GVM, unbraked, single axle
  • 3m L x 1.6 W: Come with 14” wheels, 1600kg GVM, unbraked, single axle
  • 4m L x 2m W: Come with 14” wheels, 2700kg GVM, brakes, double axle
  • 6m L x 2m W: Come with 14” wheels, 3500kg GVM, brakes, double axle

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