Beautifully equipped kitchen and food trailers

Situated in Pretoria, we produce and manufacture food trailers with fully equipped kitchens from the best quality A-grade steel. We provide a one-year workmanship guarantee and will help your trailer get registered by handling the paperwork.

Prolifestyle’s trailers are reliable, durable, and crafted with excellent quality


Our food trailers are equipped with a beautiful kitchen, including a gas stove, a basin, Bain Marie’s, a fryer, a griller, and a mess cage for a gas bottle. If you want to open a mobile food business and be profitable, a food trailer is the way to go. They are more affordable than brick and mortar restaurants and require less maintenance.

Best for:

  • Mobile catering and food businesses
  • Mobile tuck shops
  • Mobile commercial kitchen businesses
  • Mobile beverage businesses

Our food trailers come with:

  • A spare wheel
  • 50 mil panels
  • A 2-plate gas stove
  • A basin and a water bottle
  • 4 Bain Marie’s (large trailer) and 2 Bain Marie’s (small trailer)
  • A fryer
  • A griller
  • Mesh gas cage (gas bottle not included)
  • Gas pipe installation

Available colours:

  • White
  • Can do branded lettering

Standard Body Size examples:

  • Small – 2.4m L x 1.8m W x 1.8m H: Come with 13” wheels, 750kg GVM, unbraked, single axle
  • Large – 3.5m L x 1.8m W x 1.8m H: Come with 13” wheels, 750kg GVM, unbraked,  single axle

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