Dignified hearse trailers

Situated in Pretoria, we produce and manufacture efficient hearse trailers from the best quality A-grade steel. We provide a one-year workmanship guarantee and will help your trailer get registered by handling the paperwork.

Prolifestyle’s trailers are reliable, durable, and crafted with excellent quality


Our hearse trailers are ideal for the funeral industry, requiring transportation of the deceased in a dignified and safe manner. 

Best for:

  • Funeral homes or morgues
  • Funeral directors
  • Specialised transportation businesses

Our hearse trailers come with:

  • A spare wheel
  • 50 mil panels
  • Aircon and blower are included in the 4-bodies trailer. The small hearse can carry 1 body with no aircon and blower.

Available colours:

  • White

Standard Body Size examples:

  • Small - 2.4m L x 1.2m W x 800mm H (1 body): Come with 13” wheels, 750kg GVM, unbraked, single axle
  • 2.4m L x 1.6m W x 1.6m H (4 bodies with cooling): Come with 13” wheels, 750kg GVM, unbraked, single axle

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